Out and About in Southwest Broward County: Held Captive by a Peacock!

Held Captive by a Peacock!


Held captive by a peacock

This is absolutely true! This past weekend I was driving through beautiful Southwest Ranches in West Broward County. I stopped at a garage sale sign outside a home. This is a rural area, where homes are on acreage, with narrow roads and small canals on either side of the street. Therefore I had to park on the swale, careful not to get too close to the canal. There was another car of people who stopped at the same time as me. Together we walked through the gates along the path.

There were many Egret birds on the property, and all of the sudden I spotted a peacock with its feathers open! He was standing towards the back of the property and I really wanted to try and get a picture. At that same time the owners came out of the house and said the garage sale will start in a half hour, and they had to run out and do something prior. I was still trying to get a picture of the peacock. I also spotted a white peacock walking on the grass. Well, I was snapping away getting as many pictures as I could, and I realized that everyone else had left, so I was about to also. The white peacock walked outside the gate and the other peacock was following, but I am quite sure he realized that I was behind him ( at a comfortable distance ) but he didn't like that. He stopped in front of the gate and was looking at me. He started yelling his peacock yell while staring right at me. He was not moving. There was nowhere I could go....I was stuck. There was water all around the property and the only way out was through the gate. I must say, I was a little scared. I don't know if peacocks can be aggressive, but he was clearly showing me who was in charge! I stopped taking pictures and backed off a little, and waited. Finally, after what seemed to be much longer than it actually was, he started to walk through the gate. I didn't follow him or attempt to leave until he was well into the street. Now he was looking for his partner, the white peacock. I was so glad to get out of there! Of course I did go back to the garage sale later that morning. I told the owner about what happened, and she said that they have named the peacock "Elvis". Well, Elvis did not know me, and was not happy about my being there alone with him. 

Held Captive by a peacock  Held Captive by a peacock

While I was certainly a little nervous about how he wouldn't let me leave, I feel so lucky to live in an area, where beautiful peacocks and other animals and birds are the norm, and where we can see these beautiful creatures on a regular basis, living their lives in nature.

Held Captive by a peacock













Yes, I was held captive by a peacock!

Stefanie Cohen, PA


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Comment balloon 36 commentsStefanie Cohen, PA • June 22 2015 09:37AM


So beautiful.. yet so intimidating! 

Posted by Green Forest Properties, Your Local Golden, CO Real Estate Professional about 5 years ago

Stephanie I do believe this is the very first peacock story I've heard on ActiveRain. Being help captive by a peacock - gotta love it!

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten Arizona's Top Banana!, 602-380-4886 (HomeSmart Real Estate BR030809000) about 5 years ago

Ha, what a fun story, glad that it ended with you  being released from captivity by Elvis!

Posted by John Meussner, #MortgageMadeEasy Walnut Creek, CA 484-680-4852 (Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA, 203(k), USDA, VA,) about 5 years ago

Okay...so this beats any squirrel I've seen in the past 2-3 months.

Yes, it's a beautiful part of the country.


Posted by Claude Labbe, Realty for Your Busy Life (Real Living | At Home) about 5 years ago

Too funny, Stefanie Cohen, PA, ABR, SFR !  You and the animals!  Seriously, the birds are beautiful.  You got some great shots there.  Congrats on the feature!

Posted by Elyse Berman, PA, Boca Raton FL (561) 716-7824 CRS, ABR, GRI,ePR (Best Connections Realty, Inc.) about 5 years ago

Ah, the adventures in real estate continue.  We all could publish a book on funny things we deal with!

Posted by Paula McDonald, Ph.D., Granbury, TX 936-203-0279 (Beam & Branch Realty) about 5 years ago

Around Biscayne Bay beach park in Miami there are numerous signs warning visitors not to mess with the peacocks (forget the exact wording). I was also wondering if they have a reputation for getting aggressive. 

Posted by Olga Simoncelli, CONSULTANT, Real Estate Services & Risk Management (Veritas Prime, LLC dba Veritas Prime Real Estate) about 5 years ago

Sounds a little intimidating ! Peacock BBQ .

Posted by Tyrone Brown about 5 years ago

Stefanie- aren't they beautiful!  We have one that will come to the back door and peck on the glass if we don't come out to say hello!

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) about 5 years ago

Stephanie - they are beautiful.. It looks like they wanted to make sure you were aware of the "boundaries"  Glad all ended well.

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) about 5 years ago

Stefanie, once more there is proof that Elvis lives!  :-)

Posted by Silvia Dukes PA, Broker Associate, CRS, CIPS, SRES, Florida Waterfront and Country Club Living (Tropic Shores Realty - Ich spreche Deutsch!) about 5 years ago

Oh, yes! They ARE beautiful, but feisty creatures! Just like swans!

Posted by Melanie Cameron, The Cameron Team (Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage) about 5 years ago

Well, that's a different story. Thanks for the grin today.

Posted by Lyn Sims, Schaumburg Real Estate (RE/MAX Suburban) about 5 years ago

I like your title. I sort of assume that all animals can be aggressive if they feel cornered. I would not have been thrilled to have found myself alone but great that it all worked out and you got pics.

Posted by Jill Sackler, LI South Shore Real Estate - Broker Associate (Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc. 516-575-7500) about 5 years ago

There are peacock problems in Palos Verdes out here too. One of my best friends lives there and I've woken up after spending the weekend to seeing them on her lawn, beautiful, but not fun in your own yard. 

Posted by Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner, Orange County & Lake Arrowhead, CA (949)510-2395 (Karen Parsons-Fiddler, Broker 949-510-2395) about 5 years ago

Clearly Elvis thought you needed a signed waiver to take his photo 

Posted by Doug Kendall (Doug Kendall Property Services Inc.) about 5 years ago

Where there is a natural balance, they behave. Where there is no balance, they poop, screech and peck wherever they want proving the cock of the walk cliche

Posted by Richie Alan Naggar, agent & author (people first...then business Ran Right Realty ) about 5 years ago

I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana, Yoder, Indiana, very rural. My aunt raised peacocks. Every once in a while one would escape and walk the town. One day a male with very full and colorful plume made it's way to the roof of our neighbor. By the time my mother could call my aunt, we heard the most godawful screech that didn't sound like just a peacock! The bird had peered into the young ladies window proudly displaying his plume but left quickly still screeching and the young lady also. Who in the world takes off their feathers?

Posted by Theresa Akin (CORPUS CHRISTI REALTY GROUP) about 5 years ago

Years ago I stopped to ask a friend a question. My young son was asleep in his car seat so I thought I'd let him sleep and just talk to her from the door. She didn't answer, so I walked around the house to see if she was in the garden or out with the horses. She wasn't.

When I walked back, one of her peacocks was sitting on the hood of the truck, peering in at my son as if he'd never seen such a creature. He (or she?) jumped down when I walked up, so no threats. 

Now geese are a different story for me - my father-in-law had one that sent me running to the truck. Then he stood outside and pecked at the door and the tires. 

Posted by Marte Cliff, Your real estate writer (Marte Cliff Copywriting) about 5 years ago

Dear Stefanie,

Animals can be startling sometimes.

Posted by Dörte Engel, ABC - Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton & rest of Maryland (RE/MAX Leading Edge) about 5 years ago

I have never seen a white peacock and did not know there was such a thing.  Thanks for the nice pictures.

Posted by Gene Riemenschneider, Turning Houses into Homes (Home Point Real Estate) about 5 years ago

Good morning, Stefanie Cohen, PA, ABR, SFR -

Due to the aggressiveness of some of the male peacocks at the Albuquerque Zoo many are being relocated.  Several kids have been attacked.  I see it as natural for the birds to go for kids who are chasing after them and getting in their faces as they strut about the park. 

A YouTube I built on Peacocks at the local zoo

Posted by John McCormack, CRS, Honesty, Integrity, Results, Experienced. HIRE Me! (Albuquerque Homes Realty) about 5 years ago

At the very least you shouldn't have had to worry about their fangs. I had no idea that peacocks could be white as well.  An albino peacock

Posted by Ed Silva, Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally (RE/MAX Professionals, CT 203-206-0754 ) about 5 years ago

Entertaining post, yet how many know about the social behavior of peacocks? Amazing what you can learn from surfing the Rain. 

Posted by Kimo Jarrett, Pro Lifestyle Solutions (WikiWiki Realty) about 5 years ago

We had both blue and white peacocks and hens when we lived in Loxahatchee ( just west of West Palm Beach)  They are very territorial, ( Albeit they mostly just show you their feathers.. but will chase if they feel you are threatening) and if youve never heard them sing, it could be a bit unnerving...Glad you got to see and hear them... Sure miss ours...

Posted by Lesley Wilson-VanGoethem, Residential Real Estate Broker Associate (Innovative Realty Solutions Group) about 5 years ago

Well at least you were able to get some nice pictures while waiting! Those birds can be very noisy.

Posted by Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089, Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info (Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers) about 5 years ago

Olga - Thank you for your comment. That's good to know!

Tyrone - Oh nooo!!! BBQ...Lol 

Kathy - They are magnificent! According to the homeowners, they knew Elvis and he was there often. However, Elvis did not know me, and I didn't get that welcome feeling.

Joan - He certainly let me know the boundaries :)

Silvia - Love it!!

Melanie - I agree...probably very similar regarding terratory.

Lyn - Glad it brought a smile. I was laughing to myself after I finally got into my car!

Jill - I never thought of it till I realized I was all along with this guy and he was not happy.




Posted by Stefanie Cohen, PA, "I Love to Sell Real Estate and it Shows" (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty) about 5 years ago

Karen - Better from afar!

Doug - LOL

Richie - He was certainly screeching

Theresa - Great story! Because of their beauty they can get away with a lot!

Marte - Geese and ducks can be very aggressive. We have a lot of them.

Dorte - They certainly can!

Gene - There is an albino peacock page on instagram. They are beautiful! So glad I got to see one.

John - I agree 

Ed - Great looking albino peacock! Never know what you might see!

Kimo - You can find all kinds of great info here in the rain!

Lesley - I am glad too, but Elvis was not as happy.

Georgie - That's why I got stuck.....I was taking pictures.

Posted by Stefanie Cohen, PA, "I Love to Sell Real Estate and it Shows" (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty) about 5 years ago

Erik - Certainly beautiful!

Anna - After I left I couldn't wait to start writing! It was too funny!

John - I guess Elvis finally got tired of watching me! Good thing

Claude - Yes, better than a squirrel :)

Elyse - For some reason I attract animals....now even peacocks...Lol. Thank you.

Paula - If we had a book of Realtor stories it would be hilarious!!

Posted by Stefanie Cohen, PA, "I Love to Sell Real Estate and it Shows" (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty) about 5 years ago

Stefanie Cohen, PA, ABR, SFR 

I hate to laugh but that is a pretty funny story. At least they weren't geese, who can be pretty aggressive and territorial. I have always thought of peacocks are just beautiful birds but I guess they have a hidden side to them, which you inadvertently discovered. GReat photos! There's 1 white peacock at the Leo Carrillo Historic Ranch Park here in Carlsbad that is named Jack Frost.


Posted by Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude (eXp Realty of California) about 5 years ago

LOL, they are gorgeous but you have invaded his space.  The Spring and early Summer they're just trying to be good parents.

Posted by Chris and Dick Dovorany, Broker/Associate at Premiere Plus Realty ( Homes for Sale in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida) about 5 years ago

There are a hubby'n'wife & a few chicks (back a few months ago) at a local restaurant that I go to occasionally. All very friendly, tho!

Posted by Travis "the SOLD man" Parker; Associate Broker, email: Travis@theSOLDman.me / cell: 334-494-7846 (iXL Real Estate-Wiregrasss\) about 5 years ago

Peacocks are beautiful but I wouldn't want one as a pet near my home. They are super noisy. Glad you got away, Stefanie Cohen, PA, ABR, SFR 

Posted by Toni Weidman, 20+ Years Selling Homes in New Port Richey, FL (Sailwinds Realty) about 5 years ago

Jeff - Glad you liked the post, and certainly glad they weren't geese!

Chris and Dick- You are probably right. I was a stranger in their territory :)

Travis - These 2 were definitely together. They are friendly to the homeowner, but they didn't know me and the blue one wasn't happy about me being there for sure!

Toni -Glad I got away too! It seemed like forever!!

Posted by Stefanie Cohen, PA, "I Love to Sell Real Estate and it Shows" (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty) almost 5 years ago

Stefanie Cohen, PA, ABR, SFR we have geese and wild turkeys here that will chase you in our neighborhood. Neither of which do you want to mess with.

Posted by Bob "RealMan" Timm, Owner of Ward Co. Notary Services, retired Realtor (Ward County Notary Services) almost 5 years ago

Bob - I will certainly be cautious from now on, when face to face with this type of bird!

Posted by Stefanie Cohen, PA, "I Love to Sell Real Estate and it Shows" (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty) almost 5 years ago